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Result of the Open Offer

Escape Hunt plc (AIM: ESC), a leading operator of escape rooms in the fast-growing experiential leisure sector, is pleased to announce that it has received valid acceptances from Qualifying Shareholders in respect of 10,582,746 Open Offer Shares, including applications for 6,809,623 Open Offer Shares under the Excess Application Facility. This represents approximately 143 per cent. of the 7,385,007 Shares available under the Open Offer. Following scaling back, the maximum amount of Open Offer Shares, being 7,385,007, will be issued to Qualifying Shareholders who have validly applied for the Open Offer Shares. Please note that all terms in this announcement have the same meaning as in the Circular sent to Shareholders on 4 November 2021.

See here for full details.


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