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Director/PDMR Shareholding – The XP Factory plc Share Incentive Plan (the “SIP”)

As previously announced on 5 February 2021, the SIP is a tax-advantaged all-employee share scheme under which eligible participating employees of XP Factory can elect to purchase ordinary shares of 1.25p each in the Company (“Ordinary Shares”) via the SIP trustee using monthly salary deductions. Ordinary Shares acquired in this manner are referred to as “Partnership Shares” and, for each Partnership Share purchased, participants are awarded one further Ordinary Share, known as a “Matching Share”, at nil cost. On 12 July 2023, XP Factory received notification from Link Group, the trustee of the SIP, that, on 11 July 2023, it purchased an aggregate of 3,726 Partnership Shares in the market at a price of 17.45 pence per share on behalf of those Directors / PDMRs set out in the table below. At the same time, these individuals were also awarded (for no consideration) their corresponding Matching Shares.

See here for full details.


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